It’s not uncommon for land to need to be leveled before it can be built on. Grading contractors or a land leveler can take care of this for you. If the lot isn't leveled, it can be difficult to build on. If you need leveling done, give us a call. We have years of experience with this type of service in the Plano, Texas area.

How Land Leveling Works

You will first need to have vegetation, trees and debris removed from your property. Leveling can’t begin until this is done. After your property has been cleared, we can begin to level it. This may require that fill dirt be transported in to fill-in low spots. If there is an area of the land that is a lot higher than the others, excavation will need to be done as well. After the land has been leveled, rough grading will then need to be completed before the finishing touches of leveling can begin.



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Other Services We Provide

In addition to land grading services, we provide a variety of other services as well. These include:Land Clearing- Your land will need to be cleared before leveling can begin. We can do that for you. We will remove brush, trees and debris from your property. We will make sure that it is completely cleared so that leveling can be done properly. Don’t try to clear your land yourself. This can take months to do on your own, and this can delay the construction process. Let us use our specialized equipment to clear your land.

Bobcat Service- In some instances, you may be in need of Bobcat service. This is common if you have trees or large debris that need to be removed. If you are in need of Bobcat service for any reason, we can provide that for you. No matter what you need to have removed, we can use our Bobcat service to do it for you.

Grading- After your land is cleared, you will still need to have it graded before construction begins. It’s important that your property is graded properly in order to avoid issues in the future. This will allow water to be diverted away from the foundation of your future home or building. If grading is not done properly, it can cause expensive water damage to the foundation. Our grading contractors have the proper equipment and know-how to grade you property the right way. This will allow water to drain correctly so that structural damage is avoided in the future. If you already have a structure built on the property and you notice that there is poor drainage, we can correct this issue so that water is diverted to a better location.

Hauling Service- You may accumulate a bunch of waste at your construction site. You don’t have to try to get rid of these items yourself as we can help you haul them away. We can remove construction waste and virtually anything else that you need removed from your property. We will use our specialized equipment to provide hauling services for you.

Not all grading and excavation companies are the same. When you use us for grading and excavation services, you can ensure that the job will be done right. We will use are vast knowledge and experience to make sure that you property is ready to be built on. If you are in need of someone to prepare your property for you, give us a call today. We can help you with all of your land clearing, leveling and land grader needs.


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