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Excavation Contractor Plano is the number one company to choose when you need demolition contractors with experience and an eye for detail. We cover it all- interior and exterior demolition, in-ground and above ground pool removal, and dozer work are all a huge part of the Excavation Contractor Plano earth specialties. We adhere to all rules and regulations and are committed to preventing occupational injuries.



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Let’s take a look at all of the services our local demolition contractor offer.

Interior Demolition

Our demolition contractors are ready to take care of any interior demolition you may need. If you are tearing down one or more rooms of your home, either for good or to rebuild, our building demolition crew is more than experienced to handle the work. Home demolition requires a delicate touch, so choosing a company that has the experience and reputation to do the job right is essential. Our demolition experts can also take care of the demolition of your commercial buildings. We take immense pride in performing interior demolition projects in an efficient, safe manner. Our demolition contractors are well-versed in how to perform jobs that require certain controls, such as excessive noise, vibration, and dust control.

Exterior Demolition

You may be tearing down the outside of a structure on your property, such as a barn or shed, and find that you need dozer work to get the job done right. It’s often necessary to carefully demolish select portions of a structure or the whole exterior. Excavation Contractor Plano is capable of dismantling or skinning exterior components such as structural columns, brick façade, windows, and doors while carefully keeping the skeletal structure whole. From residential to commercial buildings, we will safely tear down any exterior components of a structure.

Home Demolition

Our company offers home demolition services done by mechanical demolition. This type of demolition is the most common. It is the fastest and easiest type of demolition solution, as well as the cheapest in most cases. Our local demolition contractors will carefully tear down your home while adhering to all safety and noise regulations. Trust the professional demolition experts to take care of you when you have a house that requires demolition.

Pool Removal

In-ground pool removal usually involves a number of steps. The pool must be drained first by drilling holes down into the bottom. The top is then demolished by a demolition team. From then on, the pool can be filled in with dirt and rubble. Tearing down an above ground pool is not as complicated. This involves draining the pool before it is torn done. After our team tears the pool down, we’ll haul all of it away for you. If you have a pool on your property that you have no need for, call the experts to take care of it. We can remove both indoor and outdoor pools quickly and safely.

Our Crew

A company is nothing without the value and commitment of its employees. We put honor and commitment at the top of our plans for every job. We care about each and every customer and won’t stop until the job is done right. Our team has excellent communication skills and will make sure your needs are heard from start to finish. Our team is what makes our company one to trust for your demolition projects, no matter how big or small.


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